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Congratulations on official selling of eWay special BMW E39/

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Congratulations on official selling of eWay special car DVD player for BMW E39 and BMW E53

 In June, eWay officially provides car DVD player special for BMW E39 and BMW E53 for the salesmen in the whole world who modify car audio ,  
    After eWay Technology launched eWay BMW E46 car DVD player and theVW GOLF6 DVD car DVD player, it has been accepted by global distributors. It takes a leading position in quality, performance, and function among the same industry 
  eWay BMW E39 & E53 DVD car DVD player have a number of advanced features:
 1.eWay  E39 & E53 car DVD players supports PIP Function, while you are using the navigation the device can receive and  display DVD movies or TV .
 2. E39 & E53 DVD players have excellent and independent design structure, the components of which rely on advanced MCU to work independently, The core of the DVD of eWay BMW E39 car DVD player is the four or five times than the general ones so that customers will no longer worry about the short lifespan of the core.
   Relying on the most high-grade MStar776 chip in the car DVD system, HD display of eWay BMW E39 car DVD player achieve the best effects. In the same 800 * 480 display, the clarity and transmission are much better than ordinary car DVD player.
  "eWay E39 & E53 car DVD players use advanced MCU design, when eWay Car DVD player which is special for BMW Series is at work, the power consumption is far below than that of other ordinary car DVD player. Through measurement, the system power consumption of special car DVD player produced by Eway is less than 650 mA, while that of the average car DVD player is more than 1000 mA.
  eWay is committed to energy conservation and environmental protection by advanced structure design.
  eWay BMW E39 car DVD player has elastic big button and big menu icons which are free to drag and exchange. Such design is more in line with habits 
  eWay BMW E39 car DVD player has a dual-slot data card  which can be expanded to 64G capacity.
  eWay BMW E39 DVD players adopt 3D main menu which can freely rotate from up to down or from left to right, a very cool experience 
  eWay BMW E39 car DVD player supports the DVB-T, TMC, RMVB, RM additional functions.
Currently, eWay Electronics is committed to high-end car audio ,entertainment ,navigation and automotive safety systems. welcome the dealers from the whole world to contact us and cooperate to develop the local market.We also provide OEM, ODM service, from the host structural design, outward design, packaging design to the menu design of the host, and production,  the "turn-key" approach of the whole process to complete the service.
   Do not miss the opportunity, we will work together for development! Feel free to contact us,

eWay car dvd For BMW E39 and E53 DVD with Navigation System:

1.800*480 HD digital TFT. Professional digital image processor makes the detail more modest and elegant
2. 3D operation interface
3.Built-in 4x45W hi-fi amplifier:international professional BBE sound effect processing to strengthen audio ambience and sound embellishment effects and make music more gentle
4.Build -in AM/FM Stereo Receiver,Support RDS funtion.
5.Build-in TV
6.Full Funtion Remote Control
7.USB Port and SD/MMC Card slot For front panel
8.DVB-T/ATSC/ISDB-T/TMC/RMVB,RM Player (optional)
9.Support PIP funtion
10.DVD,MPEG2/MPEG4,DIVX,VCD,SVCD,CD,MP3,MP4,CD-R/RW And picture playback
11.Play Position memory funtion/ ignition memory
12.anti-shock housing,advanced electronic shock protection
13.ipod connector for front panel
14.Steering wheel control with Canbus Connector
15.Bluetooth phonebook
16.Change car logo by yourself
17.NW: 3.1KG; GW:5.1KG; carton Size:37CMx34CMx23CM 

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