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Ewaygps Android multimedia navigation box in the automotive




In the automobile field, more and more navigation and multimedia functions are applied,and more and more car instrument panel has been configured high-definition LCD screen, vehicle operation data and multimedia display on the screen.

In general, automobile manufacturers will customize special system function or the prices are different according to different grade configuration implementation classes in order to protect their markets. Therefore, the system function is not complete or fully open, but the users want to get more open, more intelligent vehicle entertainment navigation products, from the requirement of users, Ewaygps designs and develops the new Android intelligent navigation upgrade box products.

Product features:

1,Implement the function of different format video input, conversion and output including from the simulation of RGBS, AV analog input,digital RGBS565, RGBS888 input to the APIX, LVDS, HDMI, AV output

2,Implement intelligent Android Applications. From android APPS to voice input software, is connected with the Bluetooth Car OBDII, carmultiple data acquisition, etc. Realize the android multiple control mode, from the increase in touch the connection to the WIFI mobile phone control, and special bluetooth keyboard control system with multiple input methods.

3,Through android entertainment navigation box, the HDMI and AV interface will be connected to the rear headrest screen, and thepowerful entertainment broadcast function is introduced into the rear headrests, realizing completeand comprehensive application of a set of equipment in automobile. What's more, it will reduce customer's repeat purchase. In the past, customer has to purchase 2 or 3 different sets of products in order to achieve the above list functions, increasing the cost 2 to 3 times.

Ewaygps insists on innovation of science and technology to bring more cars users higher cost performance of android 3G intelligent entertainment navigation products.



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