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1. Bluetooth cannot connect

1) Try another phone.

2) Clear the connection record on the phone and device, reconenct.

3) Input 1314, change  BT module setting, restart and reconnect.

4) Please confirm if the BT signal on device can be searched.

Connection video for PX6:


Connection video for Qualcomm:


2. Bluetooth display is not activated

Turn on wifi and connect, the Bluetooth can be activated.

3. GPS no signal

1) Check if the antenna plug interface is tight.

2) Make sure the antenna is placed on the dashboard.

3) Install the search star APP to check if there is GPS signal near you.

Search star APP download link:


Install video:


4. How to connect Eeasyconnect

Refer the following video to conenct.

Android mirrorlink operation video:


iPhone mirrorlink operation video:


5. There is no reversing image when switching R gear, shows no signal

1) Check if all connection is right, refer the follwoing conenction to check.

2) If all settings are OK. Connect brown cable, set ‘360 camera’; Connect pink cable, select ‘Aftermarket camera’.

For CCC:


6. No sound on Android system after installation

1) Make sure if fiber cable is conencted well.

2) Set AUX on OEM system.

3) If there is still no sound, you need to connect AUX cable to get sound.

7. OEM iDrive can't work well on Android system

Change the iDrive setting in factory setting(PWD: 1314), then restart.

8.The original car system displays “no signal”

1) Check if the LVDS is conencted well and if the pin of LVDS cable is bent.

2) Change the screen size setting in factory setting(PWD: 1314).

e.g: the original car is with NBT system, select the corresponding screem size as the original screen, nothing to do with the car model, restart to take effect.

9. The Android system shows no signal

1) Check whether all cables are connected correctly.

2) Provide me with a picture of the Android system version, as shown below:


10. The original system shows white or blurred

1) Check if the LVDS cable is connected well, unplug and reconenct.

2) Change the screen size setting in factory setting.

e.g: the original car is with NBT system, select the corresponding screem size as the original screen, nothing to do with the car model, restart to take effect.

Screen size setting video:


3) Confirm if the phenomenon still exists when reversing. If the white screen still exists, then the chip is broken. Instead, the cable for the screen displaying is pinched, then check as step4.

4) Check the cable under the shell.

11. Change the UI in Android system

Select UI you want to set in factory setting, then restart.

For PX3/PX6:

For Qualcomm:

12. The time cannot be updated automatically

1) Select the automatic GPS time in the time setting. The time is displayed when the GPS is positioned.

For PX3/PX6:

2) Select the network time, and the time will be automatically changed when you connect to the WIFI network, and select time zone.

13. The sound will switch to OEM system when playing music in Androis system

Change the AUX switching mode to ‘Manual switching’, then restart.

14. Android 9.0 Google Store cannot download the solution

Connect to your phone’s WIFI hotspot. When you open the Goog le Store, swipe down the main menu and the Google Store will automatically update and download the software when the update is complete.

The Google Store is an old version and needs to be updated to the latest version to be used.

You can refer to this video.


15. There is noise in Android system

Refer the following picture to connect.

16. SIM card cannot work

1)Confirm whether it is a supported SIM card.

The supported SIM card can be found in this file:


2)Insert the SIM card first, then boot.

3)Confirm whether the SIM card is inserted properly.

17,How to distinguish which BMW host type the original car is from UI

With each car model of different manufacture year , the original car system is different, usually distinguish according to the following figure.and the number of pins in ccc/cic /nbt lvds cable are different:they are 10, 4, and 6.:


18 Android Head Unit connection diagrams

Connection diagrams of machine or machine with automatic and manual gear of rear view camera separately.

1)Android Head Unit connection :

2)Unit with automatic transmission of rear camera:

3)Unit with manual transmission of rear camera: