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1. Wireless carplay connection steps

1)Turn on wifi.

2)Turn on Bluetooth and connect carplay’s bluetooth ‘Car-KIT_3742’.

3) After bluetooth connection is completed, the follwoing prompt will pop up, then click ‘Use carplay’.

2. Wired Android auto connection

1) Download Android auto APP authorized by google on your
2) Connect your phone to the USB port via USB cable.
3) Click ‘Android auto’ icon on your screen.
4) Click ‘Reconnect’, then Android auto will be connected and
enter Android auto interface.

3. Supported audio and video formats

Audio format support:MP3, WMA

Video format support: MP4, AVI, MPG, 3GP,FLV, MOV,MKV

Note: 1) All files must be in the root directory of the USB flash drive
              2) The USB flash drive cannot contain folders

4. No sound in Carplay system

1) Make sure if fiber cable is conencted well.

2) Set AUX on OEM system.

3) If there is still no sound, you need to connect AUX cable to get sound.

5. The sound will switch to OEM system when playing music in Android system

Change the AUX switching mode to ‘Manual’ in factory setting(PWD: 1368), then restart.

7. IDrive can’t work well on Carplay system

Change iDrive setting in factory setting(PWD: 1368), then restart.

8. OEM system cannot display in fullscreen

Choose the same size as the original car screen to match in factory setting(PWD: 1368), then restart.