Installation Steps

Instructions for use

Click this link to download the manual

BMW Android Head unit User Manual

1、Built-in GPS Receiver Module with External GPS Antenna
2、Built-in Bluetooth module, hands-free calls and audio streaming
3、Keep all original car features, reverse/front view, pdc , etc
4、Dual system. Free switch between original car system and Carplay system
5、Plug and Play installation without coding or slicing OEM wires
6、Control by OEM joystick and steering wheel buttons

Packing list
1* CAN Power cable
1* USB cable
1* GPS antenna
1* Android head unit

Compatible radio

Bluetooth connection

1. Click ‘Bluetooth’, enter Bluetooth connection interface
2. Click ‘Search’ to find the BT signal of your phone
3. Click the BT name of your phone, then a prompt to enter the
Bluetooth password will be displayed on the phone. Input
password, click ‘OK’
4. Bluetooth connection is successful.

Mirrorlink connection

For Android phone:

1. Download Easyconnect APP on your phone and open the APP.
2. Enter ‘Developer options’, turn on ‘USB debugging’.
3. Connect your phone to USB port.
4. Turn on Easyconnection APP on the device.
5. Complete the connection.

For iPhone:

1. Connect Wifi with your iPhone.
2.Turn on Easyconnection APP on the device.
3. Click ‘Screen mirroring’ on your iphone, find the Android
device name to conenct
4. Complete the connection.

Setting instructions

Reverse Camera Mirrored: For reverse image display the
opposite situation.
Disable video when driving: ON means that the video cannot be
played while driving.
Reverse track: Turn on/off reversing tracking line.

Camera selection:

for reverse camera selection,
connect pink cable, select ‘Afermarket camera
connect brown cable, select ‘360 camera’
use original camera, select ‘Original camera’


Adjust the brightness of the screen.

Volume: Adjust the volume in Android system.
Time synchronization: Default to Android time. The time will be
updated synchronously according to GPS .
Time system: Set the time to display in 12-hour or 24-hour

Automatic Brightness:
Width Lamp control: the display automatically dims under strong
Close: turn off auto dimming.
Unit selection: set the speed unit of the dashboard.
Car without OEM monitor: if the car without monitor, turn on this
option, a clock will be displayed when switching to OEM system.

AUX switching modes:
Automatic: the sound can be switched automatically when
switching two systems.
Manual: when switching to another system, the sound will turn off.
AUX auto switching: Head unit selection. Default to Harman, no
need to change.

Knob Type: for the iDrive can’t work normally on Android system,
switch iDrive A/B, then restart.
Door settings/Number of doors: Match the original car
Speedometer selection: Set maximum speed display.
Gear selection: car with auto gear, select ‘Automatic’; car with
manual gear, select ‘Manual’.

Car display: set the original car system display size. If the OEM
system can’t display in full screen, select the same size as the
original car screen, nothing to do with the car model.
UI Selection: select UI you want to set, change the UI display on
Android system.


1、 USB port: for connecting USB flash drive, mobile phone, etc

2、I-drive: Connect to adding iDriver (for E83 and E90 without
OEM screen)

3、Audio output: Connect with AUX cable

4、360-DET(Brown): Reversing detection 

5、DVRPOW(Orange): DVR power cable 

6、DVR-IR(Green): DVR communication control 

7、CAMPOW(Pink): Reverse camera power cable 

8、CCD CVBS: Reverse camera video input 

9、DVR CVBS: Front camera video input 

10、4G LTE connector: Insert the SIM card first, then power on

11、GPS antenna: Place it on dashboard 

12、LVDS port: Connect with the OEM LVDS cable