Installation Steps

Instructions for use

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Product introduction

This is a LCD suspension instrument panel suitable for Tesla Model3/Y. It adopts an 8.8-inch screen
design, which is more suitable for the driver’s viewing angle. You can also adjust the position by
flipping the screen angle to achieve the best display position.
This digital LCD instrument panel upgrades the original car’s functions while retaining the original car’
s protocol, which can be controlled by the steering wheel buttons and the touch screen. Carplay
function is realized through hardware Carplay chip, which has the advantages of fastest connection
and high stability. While you enjoy the Carplay function, you can also monitor real-time speed,
rotational speed, gear and other data that help safe driving.

Product Features

1. Support wireless carplay
2. Real-time display of information such as vehicle speed, rotation speed, gear, indicator light, door open/close status and seat belt reminder,etc
3. Built-in Bluetooth, use the original car microphone to retain the original car’s sound quality
4. Support two control methods, steering wheel button control and touch screen control
5. Support screen flip function, can adjust the screen position in real time
6. Support two display modes, night mode and day mode
7. Support floating display of dashboard data on the Carplay interface

This instrument panel has two built-in Bluetooth systems, one is used to pair with the carplay system to realize the carplay function; The other is used to connect with the original car’s Bluetooth and act on the audio output.

Bluetooth function

Connection steps

1.Enter the phone interface of the original car’s screen, and click ‘+’ (Figure①)
2.Click ‘Add New Device’ to search for Bluetooth device (Figure ②)
3.Search for the Bluetooth ‘FSC-BT966-XXXX’ in the Tesla dashboard, click on the Bluetooth, and then automatically connect (Picture ③)
4.After the connection is successful, the sound of the Carplay system can be output through the original car speaker

Wireless Carplay function

Connection steps

1.Turn on Wifi on the mobile phone(①)
2.Turn on Bluetooth on the mobile phone and search for the built-in Bluetooth “CAR-KIT_XXX” (②)
3.Pair Bluetooth (③)
4.After successful Bluetooth pairing, select ‘Allow’ and ‘Use carplay’ (④⑤)
5.After the Carplay connection is successful, the car machine end will automatically enter the carplay car system interface

If wireless carplay fails to connect

1.Delete the Wifi and Bluetooth connection records of the device on the mobile phone, and re-pair the connection.
2.Check whether the Carplay function on the mobile phone is turned on (Settings-General-Carplay).Connection steps
If wireless carplay fails to connect3.Confirm whether the Siri permissions on the mobile phone are all turned on (Settings-Siri and Search)
4.Restore the phone network settings, reconnect (Settings-General-Restore-Restore network settings)

Setting introduction

1.System sound: adjust the system volume
2.Night mode: adjust the display effect of the dashboard

3.Instrument display: set whether the instrument panel is displayed on the carplay operation interface

4.Automatic connection: select “Yes”, when the wifi and bluetooth of the mobile phone are turned on, the second time you can automatically connect and enter the carplay interface

Dashboard display data description

Control method

1.Steering wheel control

2.Touchscreen control

You can open any function by tapping the screen, and touching the screen will not affect the operation of the original car screen.

Control method

Support upgrade through U disk, please consult salesman for details

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