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Eway Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, specializing in the design, development and sales of automotive electronic products, including Carplay, GPS, smart navigation, HUD (head-up display), etc., It is rooted in the field of car consumer electronics, constantly innovating and selling well in the European and American automotive aftermarket.

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Eway Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established and began to produce and sell PND portable navigators


Eway Electronic Technology began to develop, design and produce special DVD navigation for BMW E46, and it sold well in the industry


Became the first modification manufacturer to produce Android navigation for luxury cars


Started research and development and production of Carplay products for luxury cars, which are selling well in Europe and the United States


Start the development of automotive HUD (head-up display) 



Established Chongqing Customer Service Center and started to deploy BTOC business


R&D and production of Tesla-specific Carplay instrument panel


R&D and production (fiber/Ethernet/coaxial) audio modification and upgrading


Now popular in the automotive electronics industry


More car navigation application products. Please stay tuned…