1. Any phone with Android 11.0
  2. A Google or Samsung phone with Android 10.0
  3. A Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, or Note 8, with Android 9.0

Connection method:Just connect the AMI end to the original car port, and the AUX port is not connected

1) Set AUX in original NBT system

2) Transfer fiber cable

3) Check if there are audio cable on original power cable. if no audio cable connected(as the follwing shows), please connect the AUX cable to AUX port.

Reverse camera connection:(Method 1)

Connect the reverse camera to CVBS OUT labeled ‘Reverse camera’

Connect the cable labeled ’12V reverse camera(yellow)’ to camera power

Setting → Reverse → Reverse camera → Aftermarket(Refer to the following picture for other settings)

(Method 2)

Connect the reverse camera to CVBS OUT labeled ‘Reverse camera’

Setting → Reverse → Reverse camera → Aftermarket(Refer to the following picture for other settings)

Front camera connection:

Connect the reverse camera to CVBS OUT labeled ‘Forward camera’

Connect the cable labeled ’12V ACC(Red)’ to camera power cable.

Note: Adjusting ‘Front View Time’ value to display the front camera images at the end or the beginning of reversing.

It needs to be connected to the original car microphone through a mic adapter cable

CIC and NBT microphone adapter cable shared: label ‘MIC-22C-DZ’ (compatible with Volkswagen models)


1. Turn off the original bluetooth, reconnect the bluetooth of carplay, if the problem persists, go to step 2
2. Let the customer enter the original car system to check under what circumstances Siri can be awakened.
If the customer presses the voice button to wake up the voice assistant in the original car, then long press it in the carplay system. On the contrary, similarly

1. Let the customer press and hold BACK to restart the box. If the box cannot be restarted, it is a box problem. If it can be restarted, go to step 2.
How to confirm whether the box is restarted and see if this icon will appear

2. After asking the customer to lock the car, approach the car without the key after an hour, and go to the vicinity of the car to search for the Bluetooth and WiFi signals of the box:
If it can be found, it means that the box is not shut down, replace the box.
If you can’t find it, it means that other electronic devices on the car are consuming power and have nothing to do with the box

The following methods can be used to restore the connection:
1. Click the carplay bluetooth or wifi on the mobile phone
2. Clear the Bluetooth connection records of the mobile phone and the car at the same time, and then repair and connect
3. Go to WirelessDev to reset the Bluetooth, and then make a pairing connection



4. Go to the mobile phone to restore the mobile network
5. Check whether the carplay on the mobile phone is turned on (Settings-Screen Usage Time-Content and Privacy Access Permission-Allowed APPs)

6. Whether all siri permissions are turned on


7. Check if there is any problem with the antenna if necessary (whether the antenna is broken, whether it is attached to the metal, keep away from the box)


Adjust the echo video (this method is preferred):


There are 4 default settings to choose from, let customers try it, and choose one with good effect. Note: every time you change a setting, you need to restart it to take effect

Operation steps:

  1. Adjust the volume of the original car to normal use
  2. Turn the volume in ’audio‘ setting to 13
  3. Turn the ’Microphone Volume‘ to 12
  4. ‘Microphone OP’ tune from 0 until no echo is heard
  5. Adjust ‘AEC quality’ to 2
  6. If the caller hears the echo interval for a long time, fine-tune the ‘Microphone delay’
  7. If the caller hears a small voice, you can fine-tune the ’Microphone Volume‘ and ’Microphone PGA’