Follow Tesla's principles and create a powerful and cost-effective Tesla-specific modified dashboard!

Focus on the front

Look straight ahead, no need to tilt your head to look at the central control, driving is safer

Scattered vision

It is very dangerous to tilt your head to look at information while driving, and the information is not clear

Lossless upgrade

It does not affect the quality inspection of the original car, and the screen panel can be manually flipped and adjusted

Intelligent upgrade

Smart Dashboard + Central Control Large Screen Dual screen is more advanced


Carplay & Android Auto

Just simply connect the Android screen to your phone, you can use navigation, make calls, send and receive messages, enjoy music, etc.,in a smarter, safer and more interesting way to use your iPhone/ Android devices.You can control it through the touchscreen, iDrive knob or smart voice assistant.

Left side Button

Scroll up/down: volume increase/decrease
Swipe left/right: switch the previous/next song
Press down:pause/paly music

Right side Button

Scroll up/down:select up/down
Toggle left/right:select left/right
Press down:confirm function

Screen lights up when door is opened

Linked with the original car, the screen automatically lights up when the door is opened

Original car horn output

Support the original car agreement,The sound is output from the original car horn