1.Core chip: Microchip, TI
2.Audio capacitor: Elna
3.Operating voltage: DC 10v~18v
4.Low-voltage protection: Follow the original car host, follow the sleep after the original car head unit sleeps
5.Output mode: SPDIF optical / coaxial
6.Input mode: MOST optical fiber
7.Output frequency: Full frequency
8.Powering method: Fiber optic signal control, no ACC needed
9.Applicable models: all non-ID7 system models before 2020;
10.A player with optical fiber/coaxial output can be connected externally. Signal priority to external audio sources, automatic switching;
11.Output signals to two DSPs, and the front,back, left and right can be independently controlled when two DSPs are added.
12.Media audio, navigation, Bluetooth, alarm, and radar volume can all be reserved. The steering wheel can control the volume;

Panel description

1.BAT power
3.REM output controls amplifier, DSP power up
4.Power indicator
5.SPDIF optical fiber output port
6.SPDIF coaxial output port

7.Coaxial input
8.Optical fiber input port
9.Upgrade button
10.TYPE-C port for Upgrade needed
11.Dip code setting
12.MOST Optical fiber port