Digital Car Radio Antenna DAB


Model: SY-DAB
Antenna connector:FMF.IEC,SMA,MCX,SMB
Installation method: SMD
Frequency range: Band Ill: 170-240mhz
Cable length: 3 meters


When installing the DAB digital radio, please use the front glass, it is recommended tochoose both ends of the car. Due to the transparent effect of the antenna, it is safer to stickon both sides of the glass and will not block the line of sight. Meets some stringent nationalvehicle inspection standards

Installation steps

At first

Disassemble the right A-pillarplastic gusset


1.Tear off the white protective paper onthe black film 2.Tear off the protective paper on thetransparent film


Attach the black film to the hardware of theA-pillar Attach the transparent film to theglass, and pay attention to the position ofthe plastic gusset


Reinstall the A-pillar gusset,takingcare not to break the black film