Forward-looking HUD allows you to view navigation and information at eye level instead of looking down repeatedly for safer driving

Real-time display of information such as speed, rotation speed, and safe speed can reduce driving hazards and bring a better driving experience.Pre-installed high-end HUD, using car grade display chips, upscale free-form surface optical display system, free to adjust the display.

General motor version

Front mounted curved glass | automatic screen | floating imaging

Imaging principle

Scientific law of eyeballs, prevent eyes from fatigue
Free-Curved glass levitated imaging,Imaging vision is in front of the ground,The distance can reach 1.8m

Ignition automatic Raise the screen

When the car starts:The HUD automatically turns on
When the car is turned off:The HUD automatically shuts down

Caller ID

Sync mobile phone data and display incoming call alerts in real time

Overspeed warning

cloud transmission

Light sensor

High and low temperature resistance shell material

High and low temperature resistant materials, the working temperature can reach -30℃~ +75℃