Display mode:Broken code +dot matrix
Display method:Color screen multi-color
Operating Voltge:DC 9-18V
Working current:≤0.5A
Operating temperature:-20℃~+80℃
Screen size:5 inches

Screen data display
2.Engine speed
4.Car door
6.Turn signal
7.Seat belts (main driver and co-driver)
8.Navigation function: steering icon, steering distance, ordinary camera Speed camera, interval speed measurement, full progress bar, road name, Remaining time remaining mileage, caller ID,road condition reminder, limit quick reminder

Equipment function
1.Turn on and off automatically turn the screen and cover the screen
2.The button can adjust the lens position
3.The lens position has a memory function
4.Device brightness adaptive
5.The device can upgrade the firmware online
6.Device brightness control
7.Speeding alarm prompt
8.Speed correction
9.There are three display modes to choose from: minimalist, economical, and comprehensive
10.Simulated intersection map
11.Provide personalized display: all electronic eyes, speeding photos of road conditions,Prompt, road name, remaining time and clock can be controlled to display or the person is not displayed