Fiber optic audio box for Volkswagen

Coaxial transmission lossless new upgradecation is required

Non-destructive upgrade easy to operate

OABR the input
Original car interface control
Preserve all media tones
Car grade material
Audio decoding
Front and rear audio output


An effortless choice for upgrading Volkswagen audio quality, compatible with all top brands of DSP amplifiers

High-Quality HIFI sound enhancer

Improve audio source quality

Installation and debugging

     In car audio retrofit, the quality of the sound source is the most important factor. Due to the different high/medium/low configurations of luxury cars, the power amplifier of the head unit on some low and medium configuration cars can’t meet the requirements of audiophiles. The sound source part has been processed by default tuning and power amplification during output, and the output is a high-level sound signal.

 The function of the audio box is to separate the processing commands of the host for audio data, such as volume,

 sound effects, etc., and discard the original car power amplifier. It outputs general-purpose optical fiber/coaxial sound signals in the format required by professional audio equipment, thereby completing the conversion of car-specific network data to professional audio data. In this way, the unprocessed original sound source can be obtained, and at the same time, an external high-quality sound source can be added to match with the retrofit aftermarket power amplifier (with digital DSP function, supporting common optical fiber/coaxial signals), thereby bringing a perfect sound modification effect.

Lossless upgrade better quality

Keep all the functions of the original car: Bluetooth, WIFI, USB, DVD/CD, radio, reversing radar, navigation, favorites, parking reminder and other sounds and functions.

Optical fiber decoding non-traditional high-to-low conversion

OST optical fiber interface, complete digital transmission; original car control interface; car regulations,audiophile grade materials; non-destructive upgrade, no trace of restoration; standard SPDIF fiber coaxial output.

Play with sound System Modification to unlock more possibilities

All-aluminum casting body Efficient heat dissipation design

CNC (numerical control machine tool) cutting, shell coating hardening treatment, reducing body size, increasing air contact area, can dissipate the heat generated by electronic components in time. Make the decoder maintain a constant temperature inside under each power.

Linear power supply

Super stable, strong anti-interference